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A Manual for Home Builders and Renovators

The Home Renovation and Building Checklist is a Must-Have for Home Builders, Owner Builders, Home Renovators and Project Home Buyers in Australia.

If You're Renovating or Building a Property, Building Checklist Can Save You Hours of Valuable Time, Thousands of Dollars PLUS Help You Avoid Stress, Hassles and Headaches...

  • Obtain Accurate Quotes
  • Keep Sub-Contractors on Track
  • Effectively Manage Even the Most Complex Projects
  • Avoid Arguments, Legal Disputes & Delays
  • Get the Result You Want
  • Contracts and Project Management Made Easy

Whether you're a builder...or a homeowner working with builders or sub-contractors, here's a simple fact.

If you're even the slightest bit unclear, managing a construction project can be like herding cats or controlling a mudslide.

Very quickly, even a relatively simple project can take much longer than planned AND cost thousands extra. This can lead to anger, a poor result, plus wasted time and money.

We have all heard the horror stories.

In fact, the parties can even land up in court.

This can all be avoided. And in a minute, we will show you how.

But first, think about a couple of airline pilots who are planning to fly a Boeing 747 'jumbo jet' across the Pacific Ocean. As soon as the pilots arrive for duty, what do they do?

They go through a series of checklists.

In fact, everything a pilot does requires a checklist.

Why? To ensure the safety of the passengers and make sure the pilots complete ALL the tasks correctly and in the right order.

And, of course, professionals and tradesmen in other areas also use checklists.

So...why not use a checklist for building projects?

These checklists are prepared by John Makdessi, a licensed builder and Civil Engineer with over 28 years of experience in the building industry. Early in his career, he saw others experiencing all the problems and hassles described earlier.

So he decided to create a series of checklists to help keep projects on track. The checklists saved hours of wasted time, kept him from reaching for the aspirin, and saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Noticing how the checklists helped keep projects on-time and on-budget, clients and subcontractors started to ask, "John, can I borrow your checklists?"

So…he created a series of building checklists that others could use. John's refined these checklists and created the ultimate Home Renovation & Building Checklist.

These comprehensive checklists are now available to you, and you can have them in the next 90 seconds.

Here is precisely how the checklists will help you...

  • Keep track of your project's budget by being organised and efficient.
  • Encourage complete transparency between all the parties.
  • Minimise the chance of ending up incourt, with lawyers, and litigation by addressing problems before they start.
  • Keep projects on schedule by following the items on the checklist and allocating the correct amount of time.
  • Compare quotes "apples-to-apples" by making businesses provide quotes based on the same criteria.
  • Make planning permission easier and save additional time by having all your information organised.
  • Keep the bankers happy by providing them with updates based on the checklists.
  • Keep everyone on track and on time by referring to the checklists.

If you're a general contractor, you know it can be difficult to manage a project—and manage the expectations of the client. The checklists will make project management massively easier.

If you're a homeowner, you've heard the 'nightmare stories' from friends and neighbours about the difficulty of managing even a small project. Again—our checklists will help you avoid chaos.

But perhaps the biggest benefit? Communication. A building project requires accurate communication between all the parties.

Before and during the project, simply refer to the checklists to keep communication clear and simple.

You can own the ultimate Home Renovation & Building Checklist in the
next 90 seconds by going here.

85 Pages of Proven Checklists to Keep Every Project On Track and On Budget

We've organised the checklists into 4 user-friendly sections

Part 1: Contracts and Administration

How and where to start. Statutory authority requirements. Contracting. Contract Administration. Budgeting. Conveyancing…and much more.

Part 2: Construction Checklist & Building Guide

TThese checklists cover all the major and associated trades. You'll discover:

  • How to prepare for subsequent trades and activities
  • How to schedule and co-ordinate tradespeople and link activities
  • How to identify and schedule required tasks well in advance
  • When to order and schedule deliveries
  • What needs to be completed before another activity commences
  • How to co-ordinate trades when working together

Part 3: Quotation Checklist

Rely on these checklists to help you obtain accurate prices from trades people and/or building contractors.

  • Simple-to-use forms.
  • All the relevant, detailed items you want priced.
  • Compare quotes "apples with apples" when you get the quotes back so there are no "stealth" charges.
  • Minimise the chance of variation claims—helping you stay on budget.

In this section, you gain peace of mind through 22 independent, individual construction trade checklists covering 258 check points.

If a tradesman will use the checklist-you know they are more likely to be transparent with nothing to hide. If they don't use the checklist-then it lends itself to the question.... why not? But most importantly, this section helps to keep the tradesmen and project on track—not an easy thing to do if you're not using a checklist.

Part 4: Glossary

This section clearly defines over 300 building terms-so you speak to your building contractors in a language they understand. This helps with communication…and this makes project management significantly easier.

We've based the Home Renovation & Building Checklist on over 28 years of experience in building and construction. These checklists keep projects on track for John...and they've helped hundreds of others.

Let's meet some builders and homeowners who invested in the checklists...

"Avoid The Pitfalls"

I wasn't quite sure on how to start and was scared of being ripped off. There was too much to think about the design, the budget and the workmanship. What if it did not work out the way I wanted?

The checklists were fabulous, it's filled with information on avoiding pitfalls and it gave me a greater understanding of the process.

- Paul, S. Home Renovator, Sydney

"I only wish I had this kit before I started building my home."

"There it was all laid in front of me. It was like a shopping list. All I had to do was keep what I wanted and delete the items I didn't want. It's so simple to use too. I only wish I had the checklists before I started building my home."

- Ms A Ellison, NSW

"...paid for itself 100 times over"

"I have been using these checklists throughout my current building project and I can honestly say that it has paid for itself 100 times over. I now give a copy to all my new clients to demonstrate the kind of service they can expect from me. They love it."

- Matthew, R. Builder Carringbah

And I have to admit I was excited when the checklists were featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine!

A Small Investment to Help You Avoid Headaches, Heartache, and Court—Plus Potentially Save You Tens of Thousands

Yes—there's a cost for the checklists.

Considering the potential thousand's these checklists are saving people right now they could be sold for thousands... It's like having your own pocket project management kit.

But the checklists are available for just $69.99 and they're available via instant download. Simply provide your contact and payment details and you'll get a link to the page with the checklists.

For just $69.99 you can:

  • Get clear
  • Save thousands
  • Avoid difficult situations
  • Keep projects on schedule and on budget
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Make a potentially difficult task significantly easier

And much, much fact, we're so certain the checklists will help you that I back them with our...

Rock-Solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason or no reason at all, you aren't completely satisfied, get a full refund. If you get our Checklists and fail to recoup your small investment-you can notify us with 30 days and we will immediately refund 100% of the purchase price.

Simply email to arrange your refund

You Have a Simple Choice...Uncertainty or Simplicity?

Whether you're a tradesman, a property owner, or a general contractor, you have a decision to make...

You can 'hope' you get through a project without any problems...


You can use these checklists carefully created based on over 28 years of experience…to help you make project management so much easier.

Make your life a lot easier, and download the checklists now.

Here's To Your Building Success,

Licensed builder and Civil Engineer
Licence Number: 31646C

P.S. When both parties are unclear about precisely how a project is going to work, arguments can take place and you can quickly waste thousands of dollars in rectification works…and all the stress that comes with it. Worse-you can end up in court. Both can be avoided with my simple and crystal clear checklists.