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For those thinking of building or renovating your family home. Let us help you get clear and prepare for what lays ahead both seen and some unforeseen.
Our series of modules are solution based publications founded on over 32 years of experience in residential building.
We have all heard of the 80:20 rule, our information will get you ready.

Dispute Resolution


Many disputes on building sites simply arise from poor communication, documentation and a basic lack of understanding building work practices. 

Even though dispute resolutions and/or arbitration are common in the building industry. It’s always nicer to aim for an amicable solution outside of the courts and legal chambers. 

Recording of Events

Some hints on record keeping to minimise the risk of disputes;

Proper contract documentation in the form of drawings and specifications.

Clearly stated rights and responsibilities of all parties.

A complete record of correspondence and instructions kept on file.

A clear line of communication, it is a good idea to have only one delegated person to deal with the contractor.

Receive quotations and all responses in writing before any extra work commences.

Keep an accurate record of all contract sum adjustments and delays.

Keep a log of events in a diary.

Bottom Line

Put everything in writing, document key events, milestones and discussion. If it cannot do it at that time follow it up with memo to the contractor confirming your understanding of what was agreed to.